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Crossties and Switchties - New Product Inspection |Inline Inspection

Lee Inspection also provides inspection services for crosstie and switchtie producers, Class A railroads and Shortline users. Our quality services and inspection assurances are recognized worldwide in both new product inspection and inline inspection of ties.

inline tie inspection

Inline Tie Inspection

Lee Inspection provides crosstie and switchtie inspection for Class A railroads and Shortline railroads.

cross-ties at grading station

New Product Inspection

We stand behind our services and professional staff and provide the following services:

• Inspection of Every Cross Tie or Switch Tie before Treatment
• Sorting & Elimination of Undesired Hardwood Species
• Inspection for Preservative Penetration & Retention
• Analysis of Preservative
• Cross & Switch Tie Inventory & Shipment Count Verification