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ISPM 15 & IPPC regulations

Do you need to be ISPM 15 Certified, or are you looking to have your wood products inspected for quality? Lee Inspection and Consulting Services offers Nationwide assistance with ISPM-15 certifications, IPPC international export needs, and quality assurance wood inspection programs in every state.

Are you exporting, but need help becoming ISPM 15 certified? Lee Inspection and Consulting Services has many options for you, including one-time certifications.

Our clients receive all the latest IPPC News, requirements, and updates as the industry evolves. Our highly trained and certified inspectors located nationwide provide both timely and cost-effective service when you need it most.






Don't let your shipments be held up at the dock! Take advantage of our extensive experience in international exports and wood inspections and contact us today at (866) 327-1899.

Lee Inspection has customer-friendly experts with leading knowledge in international exports and import requirements. Once certified, our staff will make sure that your company is equipped with the proper procedures and marking devices to allow your shipments to be fully ISPM 15 compliant and IPPC ready.





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