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ISPM 15 & IPPC regulations

Lee Inspection provides buyers of utility poles with quality
assurance and inspection services. We inspect the new utility
poles fully both before and after treatment. This vital process
is the most cost-effective way to maximize life cycle costs by
ensuring the pole meets or exceeds specifications before it
ever leaves the pole yard.

We provide our inspection results in paper format or database
format (Microsoft Access or Excel), dependent upon
client's needs.

Those choosing database formats will have their inspection
information uploaded securely to our website. Login and
passwords are then assigned, so your inspection information
can be viewed by selected personnel within your company
at any time.

This advancement in technology, it equips the purchasers of
wood products with a method of evaluating both wood
producers and suppliers and the effects of their specifications.

We have new pole inspectors nationwide, all of whom are
experts in the field of utility pole inspection.

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