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utility pole assessment

Do you need immediate help with post-disaster
assessments or system restorations?

Lee Inspection has the ability to provide multiple
inspection crews to assist clients in locating and
identifying damage to assist in the restoration of
your power in the event of a storm or other natural
disasters. Our teams blanket assigned damage areas
to find and record the damage to the utility system.
Our damage assessment includes exact locations of
damage and exact materials needed to repair the
damage. This pertinent information is entered into
handheld computers so reports can be easily generated
digitally or printed for both the utility and F.E.M.A.

All of our teams are experts in poles, wire, phase tracking and pole structures. They are GPS capable and can operate from utility maps or staking sheets. In addition, we implement all safety regulations in these situations. Our safety coordinator works directly with our damage assessment teams to ensure all safety procedures are being followed.

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